OK1KIR EME Team - 1296 MHz, Our New System

23 cm SSPA
SSPA 23cm – a view behind the front panel. Three PCB hybrid splitters (designed and produced by Paul, W6PQL) are interconnected by short SMA cables to allow easy disconnection for testing and proper phase alignment of combined SSPA blocks. Below input combiner there is placed the air-dielectric output combiner recalculated from the professional 450 MHz Kathrein 3dB hybrid. It combines both PA pairs to supply full summarized output power to the output N connector (cable going upwards right) At the frame bottom there are big dummy loads with heat-sinks proving 50Ω balancing load of all three SSPA output combiners. The forced cooling air inlet from the big external blower is placed In the middle of bottom.
23 cm SSPA

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