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5.7 GHz



— Existing 4.5m solid dish (f/D= 0.42) extended to 6.1m (f/D=0.31)
    by zinc-coated mesh, extention to 6.1m not illuminated on 6cm, el-az mount
CP feed with square septum, transition to circular WG, simple trapezoidal choke
– TS790 + audio filter Timewave DSP 59+
– transvertor 5.7 GHz/145 MHz (DB6NT design) in the dish focus point
– LNA DB6NT(NE32584D), NF <0.7dB
– SSPA 65 W rf from 2x TIM5359-45SL (DL2AM design)

First QSO on 23.12.1994 with OE9ERC
WAC - 9.5.2012.
WAC JT - We still miss QSO with Africa

ModeQSOInitialDXCCLocatorFieldUS StateWAC CQ ITU
ALL (CW/SSB/JT/QRA)621110429127861619
ANALOG (CW/SSB)565104388525861317
DIGITAL (JT/QRA)5638293719161314

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World map: OK1KIR - Field map on 5.7 GHz band:  27 fields

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