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January 1st 2021

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wish you all the best in 2021, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 18th 2020

Pre-Christmas visit to the EME site.

During a short visit to our EME site, we managed to work HS0ZOP on JT65B on 70 cm. It is the first 70 cm HS-OK QSO. Operator Alex used 4x Yagi and 500 W power.


December 6th 2020

Operation on St. Nicholas day

On Saturday morning, we worked on 23 cm KB7Q with his expedition rig on CW and JT. We spent the orbit from Saturday to Sunday on 70 cm where we managed to work 20 new stations on JT. Of which ZL3AAD is our new 70 cm JT ODX 18094 km (RE68LV) and first HI-OK QSO with HI8DL. Operator David used an M2 Yagi antenna 9 lambda long and 75 W power.


November 29th 2020

The last part of ARRL EME contest

We managed to work with 11 new JTs and two CW stations during one orbit from Saturday to Sunday on 23 cm in the last part of the ARRL EME contest.


October 12th 2020

The October part of ARRL EME contest

We went to the contest with the motivation to make a new station. In the end, despite the fault, it succeeded on JT65C with RX6IAI, UB6UAA, KF2T, W1LY, OK1UGA, RD9SAC, CE3VRT as the first CE-OK at 23 cm and AA6I # 390. On CW only F2CT # 473. Due to a fault, the connection with VK6KCC failed. The fault turned out to be that the WSJT-X points to a scale of 100 when transmitted, for example, while transmitting at 101.6. So when calling, the station doesn't know about us and we couldn't call anyone. With WSJT10 it then worked normally.


September 21st 2020

The second orbit in ARI EME contest

We tried to look for new stations on 23 cm on Sunday. On digi mode it worked with UA6AH, IK7UXW, IW8RRF, OK8HAK, F4VTP and WA3QXP. On CW only UA6AH.


September 19th 2020

Saturday in ARI EME contest

We operated on 70 cm on Saturday. We managed to make 7 new stations - VK2CMP, G4IDR, LX / PA3CMC, DL4ZAG, YO2NAA, G4BWP and PA1VBM.


September 15th 2020

The first CX - OK QSO on 3 cm

Today, Vlada managed to establish a QRA64D QSO with CX2SC on 3 cm. It is the first CX-OK QSO on 3 cm. Ric used a 1.1 m dish and about 10 W of power.


September 14th 2020

Microwave part of ARRL EME contest

A new CW QSO with OM1TF as # 184 and a new DXCC was successful outside the 13 cm contest in Saturday's orbit. Then on 3 cm with CW W3SZ # 138 and with QRA64D OE4WOG # 214. In Sunday's orbit, we worked in contest on @$ GHz CW with DK7LJ, DL0SHF, IK2RTI, DB6NT and WA6PY as the # 31, DM field and CA as our second US state. On we worked JT4F JA1WQF, DL0SHF # 47 and DC7KY.


August 17th 2020

August MicroWave Activity Weekend on 9 and 6 cm

Peter G3LTF announced MW AW on Saturday 15.8. on 9 cm. Upon arrival on Friday night, I found out that the computer controlling the antenna had stopped working (the later conclusion was that it had died). The computer was replaced and everything was reinstalled at noon with the help of Honza OK1VAO. In the rest of the orbit, we were able to QSO on CW with G3LTF, SM3BYA and KL6M. On JT65C than KN0WS # 38 and MN, KD3UY, K2UYH, KL6M # 39, KL7 and AK (he surprised me when he answered our CQ) and G4CCH # 40. The noise of the sun was 16 dB and the noise of the moon 0.9 dB. On Sunday 16.8. we were on 6 cm. On CW we managed QSOs with JA1WQF, UR5LX, JA4BLC, RA3EME # 114, G4NNS, SM6CKU, G3LTF, SQ6OPG, OH2DG, DB6NT, G4LDR # 115, K2UYH, IK2RTI, KL6M. We listened to G4CCH. On digi moddes than JA1WQF, RA3EME # 49, SM6CKU # 50, KN0WS and OK1DFC. The noise of the Moon was 2 dB; to measure the Sun noice in interference over the village from Wifi had no value. It was good to try during AW, if the computer stop working in the contest, it would be a pity.


July 28th 2020

MW Activity Days on 3 and 13 cm

We made HB9DUK as the new CW initial and on JT F5IGK, S57NML and WA3RGQ from the EL field and FL as the new US state in the decent participation of stations on Saturday on 3 cm,. On Sunday at 13 cm the activity was significantly lower. New CW initial are DL4DTU and 4X1AJ as the new CW DXCC and on JT DL4DTU and G4CCH.


July 20th 2020

23 cm part of European EME Contest

An increasingly aching tooth, a swollen face and a mill of tropo signals near EME stations were the backdrop for the last part part of European EME Contest on 23 cm. We managed to make 75 stations and 64 multipliers. The new CW stations are UA9FAD, DK5AI, IK3MAC, OK2PE, CT1BYM, IW3HVB, NQ7B, OM4MA and F5IGK as CW initial 471. Outside the contest on JT we worked CX2SC as initial 377.


June 1st 2020

HB9CRQ expedition on 23, 6 and 3 cm.

We operate with the HB9CRQ expedition both the CW and the digi modes on 23, 6 and 3 cm.. During Sunday's increased activity on 23 cm, we established a digi QSOs with 15 new stations.


May 25th 2020

European EME contest on 13 cm

The contest did not start well. After the first QSO with VK3NX we would like to call JJ1NNJ on 2400 MHz but our TX refused to work. After several hours of trying to rectify the fault we swap it for the older SSPA. Problem with Wifi interference is another matter. The newly completed 7-circuit filter for 2300-2320 MHz and the 5-circuit filter for 2400 MHz were not enough for interference. 41 QSOs were established. The new CW stations are DK4RC, SA6BUN, DB6NT, expedition HB9CRQ and F2CT # 181. The total result is 41x 36. Outside the contest we operate on JT65C as initials with HB9CRQ and DL1EMA # 76. On Sunday, we worked at 9 cm with the HB9CRQ expeditionon JT65C and CW.


May 4th 2020

European EME contest on 24 GHz

We dedicated Sunday's orbit to 24 GHz. 8 CW QSOs were made. The new stations are DB6NT with a 3.7m dish and 40W of power. Michael had a very nice signal. Next is S57NML # 30. The result is 8x8. Outside the contest on JT we made S57NML # 46. This is the first 24 GHz QSO between S5 and OK. This QSO was successful on several attempts this year. The problem with the QRA64D was that the TX transmitted about 1.5 kHz below the expected frequency and nothing was visible on the display. Only its transmission of 1 kHz to SDR revealed the problem. Andrej used a 1.8 m dish and an 18 W TWT. G4BAO decoded us -18 with QRA64D. He used a 1.1m offset dish and it was his first signal at 24 GHz. The noise of the Sun was 15 dB and the noise of the moon 2.6 dB in the clouds dropped to 2.4 dB.


May 3rd 2020

European EME contest on 10 GHz

We spent the entire first orbit to 10 GHz. We managed to establish 31 CW QSOs. The new stations are OK2ULQ, IK0HWJ and OE5VRL # 135. We were not able to finish QSO with JA6XED due to a failure of our TX part in the 10450 MHz transverter. The result is 31x28. The noise of the Moon was 2.6 dB. Outside the contest we operate on JT with IK0EQJ. He used 85 cm dish and 20 W; it was his first 3 cm EME QSO, then G4BAO, IZ4BFA and VE6TA # 208.


April 27th 2020

European EME contest on 6 cm

The 6 cm part of the European EME contest took place in a time close to apogea, maximum spread and local interference. We made 29 QSOs. The new initial is VE6BGT.


March 7th 2020

New stations on 24 GHz

We managed to work on 24 GHz DL6ABC (1.8 m / 20W) both CW and JT4F tonight. Then we worked CT1BYM as the first CT-OK 24 GHz QSO on JT4F. Miguel used a 1.8 m center dish and 5W power.


February 26th 2020

New DXCC on 70 cm - PJ2T

We managed to work with EME expedition to Curacao to 70 cm today. Gene used PJ2T callsign started operate shortly after his moonrise.


February 8th 2020

Five-band EME expedition OE6V

Five-band expedition OE6V was QRV day by day this week. We worked them on JT and CW on 13, 9, 6 and 3 cm. On 23 cm only on JT - CW didn't work that day.


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