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April 24th 2018

9A5AA on 24 GHz

Vlada succeeded in CW sked QSO with 9A5AA at 24 GHz O/O. Dragan used a 2.4 meter offset dish and the power was from TWT 1127 (value not measured).


April 22nd 2018

Our activity during 23 cm EU DUBUS contest

Tonda was only looking for new stations for the lack of time before and during the contest. It was done 1 CW initial and 7 JT initials. It includes 2 new countries 3B8MB and Z66EME as the first Z6 - OK connection on 23cm.


March 27th 2018

CR2EME expeditoon on 70 cm

Tonda made JT65 QSO with CR2EME expedition on 70 cm today.


March 24th 2018

The first QSO to BY on 6 cm.

The first QSO to BY on 6 cm was done in sked with Zhu BD4SY on JT4F node today.


March 3rd 2018

Expedition TD9CHR on 70 cm.

Tonda operates expedition TD9CHR on 70 cm tonight.


February 25th 2018

Expedition TD9CHR on 23 cm.

Tonda operates expedition TD9CHR on 23 cm at the evening.


January 27th 2018

The first EME QSO in 2018

We worked Peter OZ1LPR on QRA64D and CW on 24 GHz this night. He used his 2.4 meter dish and TWT 20 W output power at digital modes and 45 W on CW.


January 1st 2018

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wish you all the best in 2018, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 30th 2017

The lasyt EME QSO in 2017

CW QSOs with Michael SA6BUN at 5.7 GHz and with Ein OF2DG at 24 GHz were succeeded today.


December 9th 2017

V31EME expedition on 70 cm

In the morning, Tonda managed to make probably the last of this year's new DXCC via EME. V31EME was the best on the vertical polarization.


November 8th 2017

70 cm expedition DX7EME

We have been able to work with another expedition. DX7EME from PJ19VN is a new field for us 70 cm. Thanks to rotary polarization the QSO was easy; they were best on the vertical polarization.


November 6th 2017

the fourth Africian expedition D44TVG/D44TVD

On 3 - 7 November another African expedition took place. Callsigns were D44TVG on 70 cm and D44TVD on 13, 9 and 6 cm bands. We worked with them on all four bands, of which 9 and 6 cm was the first OK connection. Unfortunately, Hermann was not able to setup 3 cm equipment.


October 24th 2017

The third Africian expedition ZS6EME

23rd and 24th October a third African expedition on 3 and 6 cm took place under the ZS6EME call. Due to local interference at low elevation, ground and wide spread, only QRA64D QSOs succeeded. CW QSO failed. Weak CW signals spread to about 200 Hz are not readable. The QSO on 3 cm was the first ZS-OK.


October 21st 2017

Expedition 3DA0MB ended

With CW QSOs on 13, 6 and 23 cm, we have completed our activity with the 3DA0MB expedition over the past two days. Altogether, we made 10 initials with them. 6 initials were on digital modes on 70, 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3 cm and 4 on CW on 23, 13, 6 and 3 cm.


October 18th 2017

Expedition 3DA0MB

With today's 3 cm on QRA64D mode and CW QSOs with another African expedition 3DA0MB we worked with 6 bands; on 5 of them for the first time in OK.


October 9th 2017

EA9LZ expedition

Today's morning QSO on 6 cm with EA9LZ we made Zdenek expedition also on the fifth band. This made it possible to meet the digital WAC conditions on 3 and 6 cm and CW WAC to 3 cm. QSOs on 3 and 6 cm are the first from OK.


September 14th 2017

Rex VK7MO has completed this year's MW expedition on 24-GHz from OF78.

Rex VK7MO has completed this year's MW expedition around VK8 and VK6. He again activated 24 GHz from OF78. With this QSO, we have all 10 fields in VK at 10 and 24 GHz. Our QSO was followed by Charlie G3WDG. Our balance is 35 new locators on 10GHz and 3 on 24 GHz.


September 11th 2017

MW part of the ARRL EME Contest

MW part of the ARRL EME Contest took place during this weekend. We participated in the 3 cm band. 22 QSO were compledet in good conditions; from which 10 were CW, initials are SP3XBO and 557RA as #117. We also made 12 JT4F or QRA64D QSOs; new digital initials are UT2EM, K6QPV and WA3LBI expedition to DE as 10th US State on 3 cm and VK7MO from OF76 field #148. OZ7Z decoded us on QRA64D -11 but because of his reduced power we haven't completed QSO.


August 21st 2017

Rex VK7MO activates 24 GHz

Today, Rex VK7MO first activated 24 GHz with its 1.13 m parabolic and 20 W output power on his journey this year. After initial trouble when passing through a humid atmosphere, it was possible to complete QSO from OH field only after an elevation above 25° and then simply from OG field as another new field. The same program was used QRA64D and CFOM as well as 3 cm. This band is not so easy as 10 GHz.


July 24th 2017

The Rex VK7MO has begun his this year expedition around VK8 and VK6.

Today we were able to work with Rex from the non-activated locators PG67 and PG77 on 3 cm. Both with JT4F and with us new modem QRA64D. Furthermore, we used the Doppler Offset Compensation System CFOM - Constant Frequency on the Moon.


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