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July 23rd 2017

EME Russia diplomas

EME Russia diplomas to achieve a given number of EME initials were received during weekend. They will be placed in the diploma section soon.


June 30th 2017

New OK distance record on 23 cm

Today at 11:32 we managed the JT65C QSO with the ZL3RC -23 (best -20)/-19 from RE66FL. It is about 10 km longer than the nearly 34-year-old 23-cm record with ZL3AAD. Roger used 4x60 el. Yagi with a fixed elevation of about 6° and 250 watts of power. Other new JT initials are G4DML, UA9FA and G4CDN.


June 29th 2017

G4NNS with 32 m dish

Brian G4NNS tests 32 m parabolic GHY6 in "Goonhilly Down" locator IO70 on EME. He wanted to go for 9 centimeters, but the equipment did not work so he went to 6 centimeters. After we change the rig in the antenna in the rain we made CW QSO at 12:05 with G4NNS/p 589/579 #100 and then at 12:09 G4POH/p 589/579.


June 25th 2017

3 cm part of EU EME Contets - Sunday

As expected, only 3 connections to the contest were made for 3 cm in Sunday's orbit. The total result is 32 x 28. In the 24 GHz band, the QSO with IK2RTI has been successful. Other stations canceled their participation because of the rain. The overall result is 396 x 219, which is 8,672,400.


June 24th 2017

3 cm part of EU EME Contest - Saturday

In hot weather, 29 connections and 25 multipliers were made. The new stations are JA8IAD and UR5LX only.


May 29th 2017

New US state on 13 cm

During a short visit to the EME site, Tonda made JT QSO with WA3RGQ on 13 cm. Florida is the new US state at 13 cm. Don used a 3m dish and 180W power.


May 28th 2017

6 cm part of EU EME Contest - Sunday

Sunday orbit took place again in beautiful weather. According to the assumption, only 4 new connections were made to the total result of 37x34. Outside the contest Tonda operate JT4F LZ1DX as initial. The most active stations were JA; a total of 6 on the CW.


May 27th 2017

6 cm part of EU EME Contest - Saturday

On the first day, 33 connections and 31 multipliers succeeded. Only one initial - LZ1DX. Ned used 5 m of dish and 30-40 watts of power. It's probably a new DXCC if someone did not forget to report it to the tables. We just listened to SM6FHZ and SP2HMR.


May 1st 2017

9 cm part of EU EME contest - Sunday

On Sunday, only 4 other stations were made. The result is 32 QSOs and 30 multipliers. We just listened to the OZ5G.


April 29th 2017

9 cm part of EU EME contest - Saturday

On Saturday orbit, in good weather and good conditions we managed to work on 9 cm with 28 stations on CW. Initials are OK1KKD, OK1CS and WA2BYP (NY - new US state).


April 26th 2017

New DXCC on 6 cm

In rainy weather and in the new Moon, CW QSO with YO2BCT on 6 cm was established today. Liviu uses 3 m dish and 40 W outpur power form TWT. It is his first EME QSO on 6 cm.


April 11th 2017

EME WAZ Award No.13 delivered

Today we got by post EME WAZ Award No. 13 for 37 zones. Application was sent on 5.7.2016.


April 3rd 2017

23 cm part of EU contest - Sunday orbit

We expand our log to 85 QSOs and 68 multipliers during Sunday orbit. New stations were LA3EQ a LU1CGB as #413. Coming storm finished our activity at 22:30 UT.


April 1st 2017

23 cm part of EU contest - Saturday orbit

We operate 66 station and get 51 multipliers in the Saturday orbit. The only initial was G4CDN.


March 13th 2017

13 cm part of EME Dubus contest

13 cm part of EME Dubus of the contest was affected by our 6 hour outage on Saturday night when was the highest activity. We repaired the defect in the TX exciter. We managed to make 42 QSOs of which are new stations K8ZR, VE4MA/K7, F5HRY, SP2HMR and JA6AHB #158. Overall result is 42x36. Outside the contest, we worked JT65 JA6AHB as #47. It is our first JA on JT.


March 6th 2017

Expedition FR/DL2NUD on 9 cm.

Tonda operates Herman as FR/DL2NUD on 9 cm in very bad weather. It was the first FR-OK QSO on 9 cm.


March 4th 2017

Expedion FR/DL2NUD on 13 cm and JA6AHB on 6 cm.

Tonda operates Herman as FR/DL2NUD on 13 cm in the nice almost spring day. Later on after QSY to 6cm he worked JA6AHB on JT and CW.


March 2nd 2017

Expedition FR/DL2NUD on 23 cm

Tonda operates Herman as FR/DL2NUD on 23 cm in the very strong wind today. It is the firts FR-OK QSO.


February 12th 2017

70 cm part of EU EME contest

70 cm part of EU EME contest was in average condition and acceptable weather. Tonda worked 23 station including 6 initials in contest. He also operate 6 JT initials out of contest.


January 6th 2017

on 2.3 and 24 GHz today

In chilly day Tonda operates on 24 GHz OH2DG as the first OH-OK QSO on 24 GHz and later on DF1OI. Then on 2.3 GHz he made KD3UY from MD as 19th US state on this band.


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