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January 1st 2017

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wish you all the best in 2017, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 12th 2016

Expedition E44HP on 13 cm

We were lucky today and collect E44HP on 13 cm as well.


December 11th 2016

Expedition E44HP on 9 cm

Another day another new DXCC. It is E44HP expedition on 9 cm today. It is again the first E4-OK QSO on 9 cm. Franta OK1CA worked Hermann after us.


December 10th 2016

BD4SY on 13 cm

We operate BD4SY on 13 cm immediately after our Moon rise. It is the first BD-OK QSO on 13 cm. Zhu uses 3m dish and 120 W output power. After QSY to 23 cm we finished CW QSO with E44QX. It is our 300 CW DXCC on 432 MHz to 24 GHz bands via EME.


December 9th 2016

Expedition E44QX on 23 cm

Tonda succeeded on the first call expedition to Palestine E44QX. It is the first E4-OK QSO. In addition it is our 400 DXCC on 432 MHz to 24 GHz bands via EME.


November 20th 2016

The last part of the ARRL EME contest and EME expedition E44CM on 70 cm.

The main task for weekend was to operate E44CM to Palestine on 70 cm was successfully finished. We only look for new station in ARRL EME contest, this weekend on 70 cm. We gained 11 new initials, all on JT65


November 15th 2016

BY on 9 cm

We completed QSO with BD4SY on 9 cm today evening. It is the first BY-OK QSO. Zhu uses 3 m mesh dish and 45 W output.


November 14th 2016

24 GHz Activity Weekend

Condition was quite good on 24 GHz on weekend after rainy Friday. There were QRV lot of station, so participants could be satisfied. We completed 11 CW QSOs with 10 stations and 7 QSOs on JT4F with 6 stations. New initial on CW is JA8ERE with 4.5 m dish and 20 W and on JT DL7YC and EA3HMJ. EA3HMJ used 1.8 m offset dish and 4 W. This is the first EA-OK QSO on 24 GHz.


November 12th 2016

Condition for WAS AWARD on 70 cm fulfiled.

QSO with KH6TY before Moon set completed all US stated for WAS AWARD on 70 cm. Skyp uses 4x15 ele. yagi and 500 W. Short while after this QSO we also operate John N4CNN with 3 m dish abd 250 W. It took us more than 40 years from our first QSO with W6LET on May 1976 to complete WAS Award on 70 cm.


October 23rd 2016

ARRL EME contest - the frirst part - lower band

We selected 23 cm band in this part of contest even we are not participating in it. We focused on new initial. We succeeded 3 CW and 9 JT new stations. On JT we operate N4CNN from SC as new US state.


October 17th 2016

Extended weekend thnaks to expeditions S9YY and XT2AFT

There was expedition S99YY on 70 cm on Thursday 14th October. Hermann DL2NUD operate as XT2AFT on 23 cm in the night from Friday to Saturday and on 70 cm on Saturday evening. Planned operation on 13 cm was canceled.


September 25th 2016

the second orbit of ARI Trophy and ARRL EME contests

Tonda continue in nice weather and we finished with 19 CW and 1 JT QSO on 6 cm. He also made three CW initials during short QSY to 13 cm.


September 24th 2016

the first orbit of ARI Trophy and ARRL EME contests

We were QRV on 6 cm where we made 12 CW and one JT QSO. We made the first PY-OK QSO with Bruce PY2BS after we QSY to 3 cm.


September 18th 2016

Expedition K5QE and 13 cm Activity Weekend

Tonda operated expedition K5QE/P to US states LA, MS and AL on 70 cm during week. These QSOs are new JT initials, another initial was FR5DN. There was very low number of station in the 13 cm Activity Weekend. Tonda operated only 3 CW QSO, DK3SE as new initial, he uses 1.8 m dish with linear feed and 100 W SSPA. There were only 3 QSO on JT65 as well.


August 28th 2016

the second orbity of 6 cm activity weekend

7 more CW and one JT QSO were done on Sunday. In total we made 27 CW and 5 JT QSOs. There were active 7 JA station in the activity weekend.


August 27th 2016

the first orbity of 6 cm activity weekend

Tonda operates 20 CW stations and 4 JT4F station in quite good conditions. Zdenek OK1DFC was initial on CW and JT and JA6XED on CW. When he QSY to 13 cm he operates IK5QLO as initial on CW and JT.


August 1st 2016

EME 3 cm Activity Weekend

Very good activity during 3 cm AW compared to 9 cm AW brought 18 CW, 2 SSB and 17 JT4F QSOs. Among them as new CW initials UN6PD and SA6BUN. On the central US states conference in Minnesota Al, W5LUA arranged a promotion of 3cm EME with 1m off-set dish and 40W pwr. Easy QSO with him presents new JT initial and new US state. Similar activity presented Rex, VK7MO with his 77cm dish and 50W on the club meeting in VK7. Overall six VK7 stations used his equipment to make QSO with us till Charlie, G3WDG got the Moon on horizon. Furthermore VK4CDI, PE1LWT and G3LTF were only listening being still without reasonable rf power. Back and forth remounting to 13cm was evaluated with successful JT QSO with EW1AA as 1stEU-OK on 13 cm. Friday before 3cm AW brought very nice SSB and JT QSOs on 13 cm with Alex, ZS6EME. After years Alex enables ZS again on 13cm EME.


July 3rd 2016

6 cm part of European EME Contest

The last part of European EME Contest was on 6 cm. We succeeded to operate 34 QSOs; UA4HTS, OH1LRY and WA9FWD as CW initials and UA4AAV as JT initial. We used both Moon rises to work VK7MO expedition on 3 cm, this brought us 7 new locators in VK.


May 14th 2016

EME expeditions

We haven't succeeded with Hermann D44TVD on 6cm because his weak signal was lost in local WiFi interference on Thursday. We worked Hermann on 13 cm as the first D4-OK QSO on Friday. We operate expeditions EA6/PA2CHR and KB7Q to WY on 70 cm today. Later on, after LNA repair we made QSO with D44TVD on 23 cm.


May 8th 2016

Second Moonpass in DUBUS EME Contest.

Contest closed with 35 stations in the log but missed W7CJO while we were doing JT tests when activity on the band was low. Total contest result counts 35 x 33. As new initials made JF3HUC and SP2HMR. In JT4F test just after our moonrise Rex VK7MO tried to decrease his rf power from 50W down to 5W and we still decoded at -18dB (WSJT10). Later worked two new JT initials OZ7Z and K2UYH. On Sunday the conditions were a bit worse than on Saturday.


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