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August 10th 2015

9 cm EME Activity Weekend

We operate 16 CW, 3 SSB and 6 JT stations in the Activity Weekend. There was time for the JT tests in the second orbit. We made JT QSO with VK4CDI and PY2BS for new JT continents, our new JT ODX is 15 886 km with VK3NX.


July 13th 2015

New DXCC on 23 cm

Tonda operates on 23 cm on CW with Max XE1XA as the first XE-OK QSO. Max operates refurbished 5 m dish that was used also during our QSO on 432 MHz back in 1986. He has about 300W in septum feed. Peaks of his signal were about 20 dB above noise on Spectran.


July 12th 2015

on 23 cm today

Because of low activity on 13 cm Tonda tries 23 cm. He worked three new stations on CW. Ari OH3LWP operate his 1.8 m tropo dish and 200W, Juergen DK3WG and Victor UA9YLU as new CW DXCC.


July 11th 2015

13 cm EME activity weekend.

We made Ari OH3LWP as CW and JT initial and Niels OZ5G as JT initial during activity weekend. Ari operates 1.8 m dish and 400 W TX. There was so many stations in the activity weekend.


July 9th 2015

23 cm DXCC award arrived.

Vlada found in post box long time hoped 23 cm DXCC Award. It is dated on March 23rd 2015.


June 22nd 2015

EME activity weekend on 3 cm

Even though there were about 20 stations QRV on 3 cm during weekend we operate only one new CW initial and four initials on JT. Conditions corresponds to Apogee.


June 19th 2015

23 cm expedition to CT and MN

Tonda operate random W1E expedition to CT both CW and JT65, KN0WS at MN in sked on JT65 as 41st U.S. state on 23 cm.


June 18th 2015

European EME contest on 6 cm

We made 30 QSO on 6 cm in the last part of European EME contest this weekend. We only heard JF3HUC 559 and UA4AAV - O. Total result in multiband category is 6 085 800 points.


May 17th 2015

European EME contest on 3 cm

We completed 33 CW QSO, only heard WA3LBI and S57NML in the contest.


May 15th 2015

EME expedice 7Q7EME.

We operate 7Q7EME expedition on 70 cm and on 13 cm today.


May 14th 2015

EME expedition 7Q7EME

We follow our Tuesday QSO with expedition 7Q7EME on 23 cm with QSO on 9 cm as the first OK-7Q7 QSO today. Then we operate with PA3CQE and K2UYH on 9 cm as new JT initials.


April 26th 2015

European EME contest on 23 cm - final results

Final score is 81 QSOs and 65 multipliers. We have not finish QSO with G4IDR and CS7AFN.


April 25th 2015

European EME contest on 23 cm

We succeeded to operate 64 QSO in the first orbit of European EME contest on 23 cm. Two new initials were K6JEY and N8CQ; we only listen to HB9SV.


April 23rd 2015

Expeditions EA6/KT6Q on 23 cm and N4EME on 3 cm

We operate JT65C Dan expedition EA6/KT6Q on 23 cm and both CW and JT4F Jim expedition N4EME on 3 cm today.


April 17th 2015

KP2 expedition on 23 cm

Tonda succeeded to operate KP2/W3XS expedition today after yesterday waiting for them. It was the first KP2-OK QSO on 23 cm.


March 29th 2015

S79EME expedition on 9 cm

Tonda succeeded with S79EME expedition on 9 cm as well as the first S7-OK QSO. We operate this expedition on the fourth bands.


March 27th 2015

S79EME expedition on 70 and 13 cm

Tonda operates S79EME expedition on 70 and 13 cm


March 25th 2015

S79EME expedition on 23 cm

Tonda made QSO with S79EME expedition on 23 cm as the first S7-OK QSO.


March 1st 2015

13 cm part of EME DUBUS contest

We were active only in one orbite, 41 QSOs and one new initial.


February 24th 2015

EME expedition to JW on 23,13 and 9 cm.

We worked Herman and Bodo expedition at JW on all three bands during last four days. QSO on 13 and 9 cm were the first JW-OK QSOs.


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