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January 25th 2016

70 cm part of EU EME contest

We worked 21 station included 4 new initials during the first orbit from Saturday to Monday, similar to the last year. There were only few JT stations, probably because of the winter weather so we worked only 3 new JT initials. QSO was RW4HW was quite interesting, he cannot elevate his antenna. His signal appeared at 6 deg. elevation and he lost Moon at 1.2 deg.


January 1st 2016

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wish you all the best in 2016, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 31st 2015

New WAC Awards - 13 cm digital and 9cm basic

We got by post WAC Awards - 13 cm digital and 9cm mixed on December 31st.


November 29th 2015

The last part of ARRL EME contest

We operated several new DXCC on CW and JT, added two new fields on 23 cm. All QSOs are in 70 cm and 23 cm logs.


November 9th 2015

OZ on 6 cm

Peter OZ1LPR starts operate on 6cm . We worked him CW though we was not able to detect Moon noise in wifi interference.


November 5th 2015

Missouri as new US state on 70 cm

Tonda worked N0IRS from Missouri on 70 cm today. It was not easy in very heavy local interference.


October 30th 2015

Expedition PJ7/PE1L on 13 cm and the 47th US state on 70 cm

Start of operation of expedition PJ7/PE1L on 13 cm was delayed because of interference from hotel's wifi. We completed QSO after a long "fight", it is new DXCC for us. Than we QSY to 70 cm and worked expedition to Vermont N1VT. Several polarization changes were needed to work W5RZ from Arkansas, it is our 47th US state on 70 cm. Robert uses 2x 24 vertical yagi and 60 W output. We operate TX +45° and RX -45°.


October 29th 2015

Expedition PJ7/PE1L on 23 cm

Tonda operates with Expedition PJ7/PE1L on 23 cm after Marek OK2DL on JT65c a later on CW late night.


October 26th 2015

The seond orbit of 24 GHz Activity Weekend and TO2EME on 13 cm

We operate CW on 24 GHz JA1WQF, JA4BLC, G3WDG, JA6CZD and LX1DB, Willi then on SSB as well. On JT4F PA0BAT. Very high number of participants and several new stations is a potential for additional future extension of operation on 24 GHz.
We QSY to 13 cm in the night and operate on JT65 with OK1YK and TO2EME. We successfully call TO2EME on CW when their signal on JT reach -11 dB.


October 25th 2015

The first orbit of 24 GHz activity weekend

We operate CW with VK3NX, OK1CA, F2CT #21, F4KJM, IK2RTI and W5LUA. On JT4F VK7MO, OZ1FF #31 and OK1CA. We were heard by DL7YC, PA0BAT and VE4MA and by totally new stations EA3HMJ, ES5PC, SM7FWZ and EB3FRN. The first group has some TX issues, the second group has just RX. Sun was 15.2 dB and Moon 3 dB.


October 23rd 2015

Expedition TO2EME on 70 and 23 cm.

We operate with expedition TO2EME on 70 cm after about one hour of waiting until birdie move from their frequency today in the night. Then after a while with Faraday rotation issue we we able to complete QSO. JT and CW QSO on 23 cm was easy for the first call on 23 cm where the signal is very strong.


October 10th 2015

5B/DL2NUD expedition on 9 cm

We successfully operate 5B/DL2NUD expedition on 9 cm today. Hermann uses his expedition dish 1.5 m and 100W output. It was the first 5b-OK QSO on 9 cm and olso the last continent for 9 cm digi WAC Award.


October 8th 2015

5B/DL2NUD on 23 and 13 cm

We operate Herman 5B/DL2NUD on 13 cm today after QSO with him yesterday. It is the first 5B-OK QSO on 13 cm and the last QSO for 13 cm digital WAC.


September 26th 2015

K7ULS as 46th US state on 70 cm. EA8DBM on 23 cm.

Tonda operates K7ULS as 46th US state on 70 cm in the night. Mike uses single yagi and 70 W. Then he made JT65C QSO with EA8DBM as new DXCC on 23 cm in the evening.


September 20th 2015

HV0A expedition

We operate with HV0A on 23 cm and 13 cm during this weekend.


September 17th 2015

The fifth continent on 3 cm

Tonda operate JT4F with Julian LU8ENU on 3 cm, it is our fifth continent on 3 cm.


September 6th 2015

MW part of ARLL EME contest

We decided to participate on 10 GHz in ARLL MW contest. We did 24 CW QSOs and 8 JT QSOs. UA4AAV and IW5BHY are new CW and JT initials. Based on the HB9Q we were heard by UN6PD and OZ5G, both do not have TX yet. Result to the contest is 29 QSO and 17 multipliers.


September 3rd 2015

3cm rig test

We operated Dan HB9Q as CW initial #100, then on JT4F when we tested 3cm rig this night. It was the first EME QSO on 3cm for Dan. We then operated Charlie G3WDG on JT4F and CW during his mini expedition to HA. Charlie uses HA/G3WDG and 76cm dish with 50W SSPA. It was the first EME QSO OK-HA on 3cm.


August 10th 2015

9 cm EME Activity Weekend

We operate 16 CW, 3 SSB and 6 JT stations in the Activity Weekend. There was time for the JT tests in the second orbit. We made JT QSO with VK4CDI and PY2BS for new JT continents, our new JT ODX is 15 886 km with VK3NX.


July 13th 2015

New DXCC on 23 cm

Tonda operates on 23 cm on CW with Max XE1XA as the first XE-OK QSO. Max operates refurbished 5 m dish that was used also during our QSO on 432 MHz back in 1986. He has about 300W in septum feed. Peaks of his signal were about 20 dB above noise on Spectran.


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