OK1KIR EME Team - Achievements, First attempt

Our first attempt to make EME QSO was on 23rd November 1975. We were heard by WA6LET, but he decoded us as Edward K1KFO - today W3GLE. It seems that this was "deep search" in brain database as Edward was active at that time. Comparing of morse code dots and dashes of our and Edwards callsigns you can find that only one dot was missed.
The second try was on May 23rd, 1976. We succeeded with WA6LET and finished the very first EME QSO in OK.
Below is a copy of a paper LOG from this QSO.
Operators were Cenda OK1AKF, Tonda OK1DAI, Vladimir OK1DAK and Jirka OK1DCI.
Jirka OK1DCI was at the key and wrote the log

The first LOG 1

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