OK1KIR EME Team - 1296 MHz, Our New System

The picture gallery shows our new system for 1296 MHz. The first QSO was with C31TLT on August 25th 2005. We made 805 CW, SSB and JT65 QSOs until now (August 2011). The system is continuously improved, the first QSOs were made with septum polarizer. Later we added 3 ring-chokes and rotatable dual dipole (EIA) feed for linear polarization. Also LNA were changed, currently we are using 0.3dB VLNA (G4DDK design / MGF 4919G). The last stage changed from GI7B tube to 400 W rf from modified Siemens SSBA and final TH308 tube PA in 2007. New SSPA with more than 1kW RF is used from fall 2010.

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