OK1KIR EME Team - LOGs & Statistics, 10 GHz

10 GHz

QRV CW and JT4
TX/RX 10368 and 10450 MHz


– Solid prime focus dish 4.5m, f/D=0.42, az-el mount
Linear feed with Chaparral style choke - the whole rig is rotable
– Kenwood TS790 + audio filter Timewave DSP 59+
– dual band transvertor 10 GHz/145 MHz (DB6NT design) in the dish focus point
– 0.7dB WG LNA (DB6NT)
– 50W SSPA (DB6NT) producing about 45 W on the feed mouth

First QSO on 10.10.1993 with SM4DHN
WAC - we still miss QSO with Africa
WAC JT - we still miss QSO with Africa
EME INITIALS - Awarded for 190 EME initials.

ModeQSOInitialDXCCLocatorFieldUS StateWAC CQ ITU
ALL (CW/SSB/JT/QRA/Q65)132233652282401561822
ANALOG (CW/SSB)8421554411926861316
DIGITAL (JT/QRA/Q65)48025645233391161821

Area: Type of map: Mode:   

World map: OK1KIR - Field map on 10 GHz band:  40 fields

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