OK1KIR EME Team - Antennas, New dish construction

The picture gallery describes how the new OK1KIR EME dish was saved from going to scrap yard. The 4.5m solid dish with f/d=0.42 from the old meteorological radar MRL5 was disassembled, transported and elevated to the top of similarly gained heavy steel tower anchored in more than 18 cubic meters of steel concrete. The dish centre is about 10m above ground. The original dish steering mechanism is driven by DC motors. Pulse sensors change the azimuth and elevation move into 40,000 pulses per 360 degrees, which provide input to F1EHN/VE1ALQ az-el tracking SW/HW used for the dish steering. The whole system is able to track the Moon or other objects with accuracy better than +/- 0.03 °.

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