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I would like to thanks Petr, OK1AXH who helps me with web page templates and with other HTML code secrets.

You can contact us via e-mail at

Namee-mail address
OK1DAI, Antonín Jelínek "Tonda"jelinek.antonin@email.cz
OK1DAK, Vladimír Mašekvlada.masek@volny.cz
OK1VAO, Jan Karelok1vao@post.cz

QSL cards could be send to QSL Buero of the
Cesky radioklub CRC, U Pergamenky 3,
CZ-17000 Praha,
Czech Republic

or to Tonda

Antonin Jelinek
U Dobrenskych 5/271
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Please let me know about any problem with links or displaing our web pages.
Suggestion how to improve it are also welcome.
I am not a "web designer".

Thanks for visiting our pages and see you via Moon.

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