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May 23rd 2023

YB2MDU on 23 cm

Bint YB2MDU went up to 23 cm tonight. He uses a 4.5 m dish and a Beko 1 kW SSPA. At 6 degree elevation we worked -7/-8 with him with Q65-60C. This is the first YB-OK QSO on 23 cm.


May 22nd 2023

EU EME contest on 3 cm

In Dubus EME contest we managed to establish 36 CW QSOs on 3 cm


April 17th 2023

70 cm EME expedition ZB2BU to Gibraltar.

We managed Q65-60B QSO with EME expedition ZB2BU to Gibraltar. This is the first ZB2-OK QSO on 70 cm.


February 11th 2023

There were 2 EME expeditions this week. We operate PJ2T on Q65-60C and this is the first PJ2-OK contact on 23 cm. We made Q65 QSO with JD1YCC on 23 and 70 cm. Both QSOs were established just before their moonsets due to the elevation change from "Cukrak" hill on our side.


January 1st 2023

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wich you all the best in 2023, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 22nd 2022

The WAS 23 cm Award #5.

Vlada finally got our long awaited WAS 23 cm Award #5. For the last month it has been wandering between customs and the delivery post.


December 6th 2022

GI7UGV on 3 cm.

Tonight Tonda managed to establish a 3 cm QSO with GI7UGV. Operator John used a work in progress device with 1,2 m offset dish, RX without LNA and about 8 W of power so far. This is the first GI-OK contact on 3 cm.


November 18th 2022

EME expedition ZC4RH on 70 cm

We made first QSO on 70 cm with EME expedition ZC4RH early this morning. It is the first ZC4-OK QSO.


November 11th 2022

EME expedition ZC4RH on 23 cm

Today soon after moonrise we managed to establish a QSO with EME expedition ZC4RH. This is the first ZC4-OK contact on this band.


November 9th 2022

UR3KVE on 24 GHz

In the evening we managed to establish cQSO with UR3VKE on 24 GHz. Operator Anton used 1.8 m offset dish, LNA from DB6NT and 23 W of power from TWT. This is the first UT-OK contact and the first UT EME contact on this band. UR3VKC with 2.4 m center dish was also listening, he has not TX yet.


August 23rd 2022

Requirements of WAS 1296 MHz Award fullfiled

Today Vlada succeeded to fulfill the requirements of the WAS 1296 MHz award by QSO with the EME expedition KA6U in WV. It has been over 40 years since the first contact to the USA with K2UYH in December 1981.


July 25th 2022

EME expedition OJ0DX o 70 cm.

Today started EME expedition OJ0DX on 70 cm. They are using 1x 28 el.Yagi M2 and SSPA with 4xSD56120 with 500 W power. We managed to made a Q65-60B contact. This is the first OK-OJ contact on this band.


July 4th 2022

6 cm DUBUS EME contest and KA6U EME expedition around USA.

In the 6 cm leg of the Dubus EME contest we made made 26 CW QSOs on Saturday and only 2 on Sunday. New stations are F5FEN and SP3XBO. The result is 28x27. Outside the contest with Q65-60D the new stations were PE1CKK, WA3RGQ and IK0HWJ. We worked the KA6U expeditionon 23 cm from 22 June to 6 July from DN41 from WY and UT, DN21 from NE and ID, DN06 from WA, DN05 from OR, DN66 from MT, DN86 from ND and DN85 from SD.


June 6th 2022

EU Dubus contest on 13 cm and KA6U expedition on 70 and 23 cm

In the Dubus contest on 13 cm we managed to worked 16 stations. Than we have to finish due to SSPA failure. New stations are OM6AA and SP9VFD. With KA6U expedition we worked both on 70 and o 23 cm. Another new station on 23 cm BG0DXC was from NN new field and WAZ zone #23.


May 31st 2022

EME expedition TK/HB9CRQ and EU Dubus contest on 3 cm.

During the long weekend we managed to work TK/HB9CRQ expedition on all 4 bands on Q65 and CW. In the 3 cm part of the EU Dubus contest it was possible to work 2 new CW initials and 6 digi new stations.


May 9th 2022

KB7Q EME Expediton and European DUBUS EME Contest on 23 cm

On Friday 6.5. Gene KB7Q went on 70 cm to DN45 in MT. We made Q65 QSOs to these new stations W8PAT, KB7Q, N9HF,K7KQA and N9XG #320. On CW only K5DOG #405. When searching for new stations in European Dubus contests on 23 cm, we were able to find only SP9VFD and K3WM #504. On Q65 JS6UJS from PL24, K3WM and DM9LSB #471. The weather was nice.


April 15th 2022

KB7Q EME Expedition to UT and CO on 70 and 23 cm between 6.4 and 15.4. and ARI EME contest.

In the period from 6.4. to 15.4. we got the following new stations on 70 cm on digi DL4RCE, DL1VPL, KB7Q in UT DM58, OK1VUM, JR7PJS, EA5CJ, W4ZST, KB7Q in UT DM57, KB7Q in CO DM57 W5EME and NN3Y #315. On 70 cm on CW only OK1VUM and KB7Q in CO DM57 #404. On 23 cm on digi PE1CKK, expedition KA6U FL EL87, DJ7FJ, DJ3JJ and KB7Q in CO DM57 #468. On 23 cm on CW only IQ2DB and DL1SUZ #502.


March 13th 2022

23 cm EME Havaii expedition N1V

During the orbit from 12th to 13th March, 8 new digi initials were successfully contacted on 23 cm. GI4DOH and N1V expedition on KH6 are new digi DXCC.


January 1st 2022

Season Greetings.

Season Greetings to all. We wich you all the best in 2022, many QSOs and lot of fun with our hobby.


December 19th 2021

ARRL EME contest 2021 - December part

In the last orbit of the December ARRL EME contest Alex HS0ZOP announced that he will try to be on 23 cm with 3 m dish and 50 W power. Vlada sets everything up, and at moon rise at 2.4 degrees elevation when the noise from the ground was still 5.5 dB, we decoded Alex at -20. A Q65-60C QSO was then established with him, and this is the first HS-OK contact on 23 cm. Then digi initials with OK1KKD, SV8KOU and SK0CT were successful.


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