OK1KIR EME Team - LOGs & Statistics, 1296 MHz

After establishing a connection with 50 ITU zones and obtaining all QSLs, we applied for a P75P diploma.
It was also released in the EME category without bandwidth and mode of operation as well as the EME version
WAZ Award (for QSO to CQ zones).
Diploma was issued on December 20, 2017 with sequential number # 1.


Following contacts were made for the Award:

P75P award OK1KIR EME
1KL7UW28.11.20151296digi QSL QSL
2VA6EME12.3.20161296digi QSL QSL
3VE4MA5.2.19821296CW QSL QSL
4VE3BQN7.2.19931296CW QSL QSL
5OX2K1.6.20001296CW QSL QSL
6W7IUV27.11.20101296digi QSL
7KN0WS19.6.20151296digi QSL QSL
8K2UYH24.2.20071296digi QSL QSL
9FP/DJ4TC16.9.20131296digi QSL QSL
10XE1XA13.7.20131296CW QSL QSL
118P9HP17.11.20111296digi QSL QSL
12HK1H30.8.20141296digi QSL QSL
14LU8ENU27.11.20101296digi QSL QSL
15PY1KK10.1.20091296digi QSL QSL
17TF/DL1YMK12.5.20071296CW QSL QSL
18JW/DF8DX22.2.20151296digi QSL QSL
19UA1ZCL17.9.19891296CW QSL QSL
27EI2FG8.11.20141296digi QSL QSL
284U1ITU5.2.20121296digi QSL QSL
29ES5PC24.2.20071296digi QSL QSL
30UA9FAD22.11.20081296digi QSL QSL
31UA9UHN18.7.20091296digi QSL QSL
32RA0ACM14.4.20121296digi QSL QSL
34RW0LDF6.12.20141296digi QSL QSL
36EA8DBM26.9.20151296digi QSL QSL
37CS7AFN5.12.20141296digi QSL QSL
394Z5LV7.8.20101296digi QSL
418Q7QQ25.3.20101296digi QSL QSL
44BD4SY27.11.20151296digi QSL QSL
45JA6AHB22.11.20081296digi QSL QSL
465N0EME30.4.20091296digi QSL QSL
47S9YY14.10.2016432digi QSL QSL
485X1EME2.6.2012144digi QSL QSL
493W4TC14.4.20121296digi QSL QSL
50DU/DL3OCH24.12.20101296digi QSL QSL
51H44HP26.10.20131296digi QSL QSL
529X0EME30.6.20131296digi QSL QSL
535H1DX26.4.20131296digi QSL QSL
549M2BV10.1.1993432CW QSL QSL
55VK4CDI7.9.20091296digi QSL
56YJ0HP20.10.20131296digi QSL QSL
577P8EME16.9.20111296digi QSL
58VK6ZT6.2.1982432CW QSL QSL
59VK2AMS19.11.20111296digi QSL QSL
60ZL1WN25.9.20101296digi QSL QSL
61KH7X21.4.20071296CW QSL QSL
62KH8/ZL1RS20.7.2014144digi QSL
63FO4NK28.6.1990432CW QSL QSL
64T88QX9.4.20141296digi QSL QSL
67DP1POL22.8.20091296digi QSL QSL


BandTotal ZonesCW ZonesDigi Zones



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